The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, due to take place next year, represents a perfect opportunity to maximise cultural and heritage tourism into the UK. The Royal family is a world brand and interest in the events will be generated across the globe. Potentially it is an event that will have a bigger impact on the tourist market than the Olympics taking place in London in 2012.

Tourist organisations, destinations and tour companies need to work together to ensure that the many excellent cultural and heritage tour products receive maximum exposure. This will require a central coordination of marketing effort, a sharing of information and a setting aside of local rivalries so that ‘a total package’ is a strong as possible.

Ambient is currently marketing our ‘On the Trail of the Tudors’ tour packages to the North American market. We look forward to working even more closely with Visit Britain, local tourist organisations and destinations, as part of the bigger picture.

I used to have a poster on the wall of my office. It said ‘If we all work together we can totally disrupt the system’.  Let us prove we can!

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